Toledo Fence Builders – 7 Tips for Fence Repair

You may not think about it much, but when your chain-link Toledo fence is in need of repairs, you may see a decrease in the value of your home. This may be harder to notice if you live in a rural area and don’t have neighbors nearby, but for those that do, this decrease in value can be noticed immediately.

In Toledo, homeowners may need to enlist the services of a local fence company to keep their property looking its best.


The following are seven helpful tips for repairing a chain-link fence:


  1. Check out any areas where the mesh has been torn and is missing. If you do not replace this mesh, it’s possible that small animals could get caught in the fencing and be unable to escape.
  2. When hanging new panels of fencing, leave three inches between each panel for expansion purposes. On hot summer days, the metal will expand and contract as temperatures rise or fall throughout the day. It can actually create holes if you don’t allow for space between neighboring panels. If there is already an opening created by someone else, make sure it is completely sealed with the appropriate material.
  3. When you are hanging new panels of fencing, use a few short zip ties to hold them in place at the top. This will serve two purposes – it will allow for air to circulate through the mesh, reducing smelling and rusting, and it also allows for easy removal in case your property requires maintenance or when you sell your property so that potential buyers can view the yard more easily.Toledo Fence Repair
  4. Use rubber gloves when working with wire cutters so that they don’t catch on your skin. If they do happen to catch on your skin, there are some special tools designed just for removing these types of cutters’ hands. It’s not worth cutting yourself over.
  5. Make sure to seal any holes or gaps along the bottoms of the fencing so that rodents and other small animals don’t take up residence in your yard.
  6. When you are working with this type of wire, try not to wear tank tops or shorts because they can easily snag on bare skin. Also, avoid wearing necklaces or bracelets that could get caught as well.
  7. Lastly, wear safety goggles when hammering fence posts into the ground. The metal bits can fly off and cut your eyes open if you aren’t careful! With these simple precautions, repairing a chain-link fence should be done without too much trouble. Give Toledo Fence Builders a call today if you need any fencing repairs or installations. We are here to help!
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