Deck Builders and Pergola Building

Homeowners are looking for more ways to make their yard unique. A pergola is a great addition to any deck, and the technicians at Deck Builders Toledo can help you build it.


Homeowners looking for new and innovative ways to make their home stand out from the rest – they want a beautiful layout and design that fits with their lifestyle and preferences. One of the most popular additions homeowners request is a pergola – an attractive wooden structure built above patios or decks that can be covered in climbing plants or vines. Pergolas provide height, privacy screening, and shade over your outdoor living space without interfering with your view like tall trees might do. The pergola also offers protection from rain and sun, which helps prevent damage to your deck.


There are two types of pergolas that our Deck Builders technicians can build for you – freestanding or attached to your home. A freestanding pergola typically has four posts, which makes it easy to move if necessary, while an attached pergola is more difficult to disassemble because there are posts on either side of your house or on the back of the deck. There are also different designs for this type of structure, depending on exactly where you want to attach it and how much shade you need. For example, a diamond-shaped design with tapered posts provides more coverage whereas a rectangular frame offers less shade but better sun protection. An added style option is having wood veneer instead of planks that provide a sleeker and more elegant look. If you want to save money and time,  our Deck Builders offer prefabricated pergola kits that only require light assembly – this is ideal for homeowners who aren’t quite sure if they want a permanent structure above their deck or patio.Deck Builders Toledo with a finished Pergola


Many people enjoy the freestanding pergola because it can be moved around as needed to make room for events like birthdays, graduations, parties, and weddings. With one of these structures, your deck becomes an extension of your home where you can entertain guests and host special occasions. Pergolas also give your porch a true backyard feel by making it seem larger than it actually is since the lounging area will now be shaded and have a distinct boundary. You can relax on your deck or patio for hours in the shade with a cup of coffee or glass of lemonade without being bothered by bothersome insects.


Our Deck Builders technicians are experienced in pergola building, so you don’t have to worry about making mistakes when trying to construct this type of structure on your own. With their vast expertise and knowledge, they will be able to successfully advise you on the right materials and building techniques that will result in a sturdy and attractive pergola that brings your deck together. Not only do they offer prefabricated kits, but our Deck Builders also sell wood with which homeowners can build their own freestanding structures if they choose to do so. The options are endless when it comes to pergolas, and with Toledo Deck Builders, you can rest assured that your deck will be the talk of the neighborhood!


Pergolas are a great addition to any deck or patio because they give homeowners additional shade and an attractive way to decorate their outdoor space. If you’re looking for something unique that will make your house stand out among others in your area, contact Toledo Deck Builders today to discuss the many possibilities this type of structure offers.

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