Beautify Your Backyard with a Custom Pergola

Summers don’t have to be unbearable anymore if you install a custom pergola in your backyard. We understand that the scorching heat may make you want to stay indoors for most of the day. But once you install a pergola, you will have a change of heart. It will attract you to spend your summer days lounging in your backyard under the pergola’s shade.

Let us transform your backyard into your go-to place where you can chill out with everyone. Our years of experience can help produce some of the most innovative pergolas that your friends and relatives will envy.

Pergola construction

Pergola construction isn’t easy. It requires detailed planning, accurate measurements, and design implementation. These steps take time, but our expert team assures that they can finish the entire project within a few days. Pergola isn’t like a freestanding gazebo. It is less expensive but provides more versatility than its counterpart. Moreover, you can install a pergola anywhere in your backyard. Just let us know the area you can afford and let us handle the rest.

We promise to build a pergola that meets your design requirements and size. If you don’t have any design in mind, we can provide various catalogs from where you can choose. Usually, most families install either attached pergolas or free-standing pergolas. We can discuss the pros and cons of both before you decide anything.

In fact, it is best if we visit your house during our appointment. It helps us recommend the best designs according to your backyard’s area. We even have experience in installing small pergolas on your front lawn. All we need to know is the area you can afford. Our design and engineering team will do the rest.

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An image of a deck with pergola and bench on the back of a house.
This is an image of a beautiful garden pergola with sitting area and table underneath.

Pergola installation

It is true that pergolas don’t usually require too many materials. But we make sure that whatever little we need, we provide the premium quality. That’s one of the reasons why our pergolas stand the test of time. We source materials once you confirm the design. Our experts take measurements of the installation area and make a list of materials we need. We then purchase the items and come over to your apartment to install them. A quality control team oversees the entire project to ensure that the workers implement every plan as discussed before.

Another benefit of hiring us is we can work on various types of pergolas. Apart from attached pergolas and freestanding pergolas, we also install shade-tree retractable canopy systems. Although they are slightly more expensive than custom pergolas, they can change your home’s look completely. It provides a little more shade, a little more style, and a little more protection. The canopy will open if you want to get a suntan. Otherwise, you can keep it closed if you don’t like the scorching heat.


We are the experts at anything related to pergolas. You should get in touch with us as soon as possible to implement your pergola plans. We can set up an appointment at your home to make your dream come true. 

This is an image of a pergola constructed in a large complex.

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