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You can access that page here: Which Wheels/Rims Fit the Tundra Brake Upgrade (13WL 231mm rotors) on a Tacoma? Cheers! Adding Tundra brakes to your 1st gen Tacoma (1996-2004) or 3rd gen 4Runner (1996-2002) is one of the easiest upgrades you can make. Not only that the whole website is really cool, especially with the trip reports. any ideas? If you have a photo of what you're wondering about, I'm happy to give you more/better info. I debated for several months whether or not I should get it, and it's one of my favorite tool purchases to date. Should no 199s be available, that selfsame parts department can order you loaded 231mm Tundra calipers and the matching rotors right out of stock, and youll have brand new hardware with a warranty. This will likely be evident if you regularly drive down steep grades or tow. This could have been at the expense of certain dynamic capacities. 2. my 4runner. This "Tundra Brake upgrade" has many advantages to a slotted/drilled OEM replacement. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Your email address will not be published. 4th Gen 4Runner Parts Marketplace (2003-2009) 3rd Gen 4Runner Parts Marketplace (1996-2002) 2nd Gen 4Runner Parts Marketplace (1990-1995) 1st Gen 4Runner Parts Marketplace (1984-1989) . Tacoma: 1 Tacoma-to-Tundra Hard Brake Line Upgrade Kit (not needed for a 4Runner) 4Runner: Stop Tech 4Runner Front Stainless Steel Brake Line (95044007) (will not fit Tacoma) Some DOT4 brake fluid, and 3M brake cleaner With the connection loosened, use a screwdriver, pliers, or any tool necessary to remove the clip that secures the soft line to the frame. Brake fluid should be a very light honey color - almost clear. Brake pedal doesnt seem to be as stiff as before, but doesnt effect braking. !http://www.toyota-4runner.org/3r. As I've said to many people who've asked about the best way to do this - when you're upgrading your brakes to have more braking power, you want to go with the highest quality, most surface area components you can - and in this case, that means OEM. Seems the tundra brakes are the same size as the bigger 4runner brakes. Junkyard calipers and rotors will need to be examined closely for defects. I have done the proper bleeding at all wheels. Those part numbers are correct, and you can see in the images that both have a "13WL" on the casting. Bleeding both of these components is *very* difficult for the typical DIYer, so the only real solution if this happens is to take it to Toyota, where they have special actuators that cycle these components during bleeding, to get the air out. After the 8th near-stop, accelerate back up to speed and drive around for as long as possible without using the brakes. You just have to trim the dust shield. Mason Courie In the process of updating my 2004 Tacoma's brakes with the 231mm Tundra package.Have acquired the following. I love rock auto to compare parts. 2000 4Runner Limited upgraded with Power Stop KC2324 brake kit. Any of the following will work just fine and are all generally remanufactured by Cardone: or 13WL calipers from another parts store. For the first part on our 4Runner build, click here. You mentioned that you are running stock brakes (not the Tundra upgrade, which is where some people complain about "soft" brakes). Locate the bracket that holds the brake line to the spindle. If bedding in procedure is not applied, a stable transfer film may not be established for a long time. The larger size gives you more surface area for heat dissipation, which makes it much less likely that you will ever overheat the brakes (warping rotors, boiling brake fluid, etc.). Note 3: Depending on the pads you are using, the brakes may begin to fade slightly after the 7th or 8th near-stop. Come back and verify that they work (or don't) if you don't mind! Don't even waste your time trying to look elsewhere for Tundra brake upgrades, AdventureTaco has the best information and the unique parts needed. Fabtech 6"). You are using an out of date browser. For an off-roader, lifting your 3rd gen 4Runner is actually advisable due to increased clearance and visibility on the uneven trails. With a larger volume of fluid in the Tundra calipers, it's important to reduce the amount of expansion of the lines when you press on the brake pedal. Makes me want to get out and do some more adventuring! Certainly, with stock calipers, a different MC is not the way to go. 1 set of Toyota Tundra OEM brake pads (L/R: 1 set of Toyota Tundra OEM brake pad shims (L/R: A few different size sockets/wrenches (though expensive. This writeup was completely helpful. 3rd gen 4Runner Tundra brake upgrade. Dang how'd you find out so quick! You must log in or register to reply here. Look no further, these Toyota OEM clips are thin and strong, the best you can get. now i notice that when i am coming to a complete stop, my breaks will release and reapply (abs?) Any suggestion will be helpful. Which Wheels/Rims Fit the Tundra Brake Upgrade (13WL 231mm rotors) on a Tacoma? Then, slide the top pin through the caliper, pads, and spring at the same time. It sandwich goes pad - slotted shim - a little grease - solid shim - a little grease. With the clip removed, complete removal of the soft line from the hard line. Place an 8mm box-end wrench over the bleeder valve and get the valve to "barely tight.". Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. Hey Mike, Yes, those are the 13WLs, which are 231mm rotors! Do you have a GPX/KML/Coordinates for that? Here's how to do it: Make sure the rear brake shoes are properly adjusted. I run them on my 2000 4Runner. 340k and counting. Finger tighten the hard line to the soft line at the spindle bracket. Thanks Dan! Keep in mind, 15-inch wheels will not fit over Tundra brakes. The upgrade to . This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. Is that what you're feeling, or something else? After doing this work on both my 1st gen Tacoma and 3rd gen 4Runner, as well as helping several friends with their brake upgrades, I figured that it was worthwhile to put together a step-by-step guide for the process in order to share some of the tips and tricks I've learned over the years. Be careful to compress the pot straight in, not at an angle. In fact, a quick search turned this up for me: Big brake kits. Over the next week or two I have a huge upgrade planned to include: Front: SOS performance big brake kit for 16" wheels. JavaScript is disabled. I dont think itll be too much of an issue Tim, Ive known many guys who completely remove the dust shield and seem to be just fine. To keep the cost as low as possible, the prices above don't include insurance. Its complicated, and well explain. How much of an improvement have you noticed since the Tundra brake upgrade on the road and off road? With that done, it's time to start re-assembly. Which Wheels Fit the Tundra Brake Upgrade? Not only is the AdventureTaco the definitive resource for Tundra brake conversions, but the customer service post-sale is unmatched anywhere. Or just put them in the recycle bin. Is there any reason to think that the Tundra dust shields wont work? What wheels are you running (or planning to run?) Very satisfied already - if youre looking for a product to switch your Tacoma or 4Runner to larger Tundra brakes, look no further. If you're interested in reading stories of actual experiences and background information, here are a few worth reading: Whatever the reason for replacement, it's not a hard job, requires no special tools, and is one you can save a lot of money by doing yourself. Which Wheels Fit the Tundra Brake Upgrade? This is what you are looking for. Installed it over 6 months ago and lines still working great. Appreciate the guides you have up here, all very thoroughly detailed. Personally I've never heard of running Tundra brakes on our 4th gens. Also put in new drums/shoes/ebrake line etc. 04945-35120 Shim Kit. The [source] field takes you to "proof" (someone else running that setup) for each wheel. These are great lines: (T4R: Too much brake fluid leaked out when doing the upgrade. Just did the upgrade everything fit perfect and the brake line kit worked awesome. If it's quicker, you can pick up springs from Toyota for ~$5 each. Those calipers are both the same style (fixed) and are the correct ones (13WLs) for this upgrade! 1 set of Toyota Tundra OEM brake pads (L/R: 1 set of Toyota Tundra OEM brake pad shims (L/R: 2 Remanufactured Tundra 13WE calipers. Of course, other vendors sell stainless steel lines, but they charge way too much money. The wheels I chose are able to fit the calipers inside the wheel, and so don't need spacers. Thanks! Excellent customer service and shipping time! Torque to 20 ft-lbs. Think I cut my dustshield a little further back then I needed to wondering if that was a bit of a foolish mistake.. 2 Remanufactured Tundra 13WL calipers. I know some FJ cruisers had this wheel and some newer 4runners but the only thing I could find was mention of a FJ 5 spoke wheel that would fit with a spacer but not picture confirmation or anything. Then, cut that bit off and hit it with a bit of spray paint to prevent rust. Note2: Make sure to install the caliper so the bleeder valve is on the top half of the caliper for proper bleeding. A short list of tools is needed; snips would work, but we were feeling surgical. If you'd like to see how to replace the rear brakes, check out Step by Step Tacoma Rear Drum Brake Shoe Replacement (also 4Runner). Sure thing. This minimizes squealing, increases braking torque, and maximizes pad and rotor life. UltimateYota.com - Bolt-On Tundra Brake Upgrade for 96-02 4Runners. A bad smell from the brakes, and even some smoke, is normal. Insert the stainless steel brake line between the spindle bracket and frame bracket, using a brake line clip to secure it to each bracket. I went to an auto store but they didnt know either. Each of the Callahan calipers came with 2 copper color washers, I can't figure out where they go, do you know? No real plans to change them, if so I would go for roughly the same. My truck has modern 17" wheels, you'll need to check that your stock 16's will clear, though most do. (which I realize you won't since you're on a 4Runner, hahahaha!). Additionally, his blog is very informative and helpful and his customer service is outstanding. At any rate - I got started as I always do - I assembled the parts and tools that I'd need. I googled tundra brake upgrade on Google and your walkthrough is the best thing that pops up. I've searched high and low for this issue. Your email address will not be published. Your email address will not be published. That didnt work, if you have a second, pull up the caliper bracket and youll see what I mean. Yeah I've read a lot of of the threads on the T4R forum. If they get hot enough, they will fade. A service bulletin (back-door recall) was issued for Tundras made through 2002, and lots of 199mm calipers were swapped for a larger, beefier and heavier 231mm unit that was OEM on later 2002 Tundras (as part of the mid-model redesign). I have the stock 15 wheels on my 4Runner, do I need to get bigger wheels? When you do this, brake fluid will want to start leaking out, so use a small rubber vacuum cap to seal off the end of the line (Hint: push the fitting up the line so you can get a tight fit on the flared end of the line itself). Dan was super helpful and responsive with all my questions and his products are all high quality. Already with the larger 13WL calipers, you are adding additional volume to the system. Have the second person pump and hold the brakes in the following pattern - Pump, Pump, Pump, Pump-and-Hold. If your pedal gets soft or you feel the brakes going away, then you've done enough. They reached out to me the day after I ordered my brake lines. This minimizes squealing, increases braking torque, and maximizes pad and rotor life. Replacing the A/C Receiver/Drier on a 1st gen Tacoma, Replacing the A/C Compressor on a 5VZFE (Tacoma, Tundra, 4Runner), Replacing the A/C Evaporator Core on a 1st gen Tacoma, Charging the A/C System on a 1st Gen Tacoma (or 3rd Gen 4Runner), Tundra Brake Upgrade on a Tacoma (or 4Runner). However, if your pedal continues to move once it has firmed up, it means that you have something "compressible" (like air or water) in the system. $99.95. All that was left was to bleed the lines - something that @mrs.turbodb was happy to help with. Bought all the parts on amazon. I've never had USPS lose (or not deliver) a kit, or wreck it in transit, but I'm sure there is always a possibility. 3rd Gen (1996-2002) 4th Gen (2003-2009) 5th Gen (2010-Present) Tacoma. Otherwise, when using a freshly ground rotor without the transfer film, the main friction force would come from cutting, plowing, or scoring the asperities on the rotor surface. Bought SS brake lines from Dan, and they work great! Do yall know any reputable diesel mechanics in Raleigh area? Several folks said they work just fine, so you'll be golden. The 4Runner is not the heaviest truck. The only grinding I had to do was a small bit on the dust shield. $8.99. November 21, 2022. Excited to get started on it. Just what I needed to complete my Tundra upgrade. They were (at least) on 1st gen Tundras. If they didn't, it usually means they fell out during shipping (or something along those lines). Centric parts are pretty high-quality aftermarket parts, the rotors are all e-coated to prevent rusting and the calipers have all the hardware including anti-rattle plates and clips. When going with the bigger calipers and rotors, I am assuming I will not be able to run the standard 16 wheels I have now and will have to get a bigger size? The Tundra calipers are longer (and wider to accommodate the thicker rotor) so they have more brake pad area to grab the rotor. 3rd gen 4Runner Tundra brake upgrade. Then I had this nice little sandwich that I could slide into the caliper. hello, i just did the swap yesterday along with replacing my abs sensors on my 994r. The problem is that I haven't been able to confirm if my wheels will clear the calipers. PARTS. Thanks for the info guys. Don't spend too much time on this part - get the cut close but it doesn't need to be perfect. You can choose your lift, from 1.5 inches to 3.5 inches. I wasnt able to find it in the reading. Note: alternatively, if you want to buy a kit that contains rotors, calipers, and pads, you can purchase one from Callahan. Great customer service great product!!! Four Bolts, Four Fittings Additionally, he sent me an email with detailed instructions for installation the moment I purchased the kit, and offered his time and expertise for future troubleshooting. Any of the following will work just fine and are all generally remanufactured by Cardone: or 13WE calipers from another parts store. Hey Mike, I'm not sure what you mean by caliper "mounting bracket." Have a second person sit in the driver seat and pump the brake pedal until it is firm - usually a few pumps. With the Tundra upgrade, your pedal will go down further than it did prior to the upgrade. Note 2: During this process, you must not come to a complete stop because you will transfer (imprint) pad material onto the hot rotors, which can lead to vibration, uneven braking, and could even ruin the rotors. Oh, and I re-torqued the wheels back on the truck - 89 ft-lbs. A good Marine would probably suggest being prepared is an always sort of thing, so this might be more a case of crisis averted than a bad day for Charlie. Next, put the caliper in place and secure it with the two 17mm bolts. After-all, I had no plans to remove them again - and as you'll recall, I was trying to get this done quickly! 4Runner Front Stainless Steel Brake Lines, Step-by-Step Replacing Rear Axle Seal & Bearing w/ABS (1st gen Tacoma or 3rd gen 4Runner), Which Wheels/Rims Fit the Tundra Brake Upgrade (13WL 231mm rotors) on a Tacoma? The components won't be quite as high quality as the OEM components listed above, but many people go this route to save a bit of money. With new brakes installed, I recommend a process called bedding the brakes, a process by which you deposit a layer of pad material evenly across the braking surface of the rotor. That seems to rub sometimes / for some people - but not for others. Feel free to shout if you need a brake line kit! if you have the OE 6 spoke wheels you need to get the 199mm calipers (WG). Hey Derek, I don't know about that specific wheel, but you can print out this template to see if they will clear though you'll need a wheel to test against, so hopefully you can get your hands on them locally. Glad the upgrade was successful (and reasonably easy) for ya! You do have to move a bit more fluid around with the pedal, so having it be a little different than it was before is totally fine/normal. that's awesome. I need to do the tundra brake upgrade but i have to tackle the stupid/expensive 01-02 abs/master cylinder first. 1974 FJ40 OME 2.5", 33's, Saginaw PS, big rotors, 383 CID with some extra ponies into NV4500. Thanks for the info though. The problem is I can't find any good data on whether the wheel I have will fit. Toyota OEM: $90 04465-35290 Front Brake Pad Set. If you do go that route, don't forget to pick up some 4Runner Stainless Steel Brake Lines, DOT4 brake fluid, and 3M brake cleaner. But since I've put miles on mine and the brake in period is over it's amazing what a difference it makes. This list of steps is just that - a list of steps (which makes it a great resource to print off and reference when you're doing the job). Just did this upgrade on my 2001 T4R. Thanks for the awesome product. Get four (4) to replace all of your existing clips. . In this situation, since we've only messed with the front lines - and assuming you didn't drain the reservoir under the hood in the process - we will only do the passenger front and driver front, in that order. Only issue I am having with this upgrade is my brake pedal now goes very down as it was not the case with old callipers. That was also referenced from other threads and couldn't ever find the original source. I would think that Tundra dust shields would be just fine. Whether you're working on a Tundra brake upgrade for your 3rd gen (96-02) 4Runner or just want to improve the feel of your OEM brakes, one of the things you'll want to do is to upgrade the brake lines that run from the frame to the spindle from rubber to stainless steel. Push the flare nut half an inch up the hard line and use a rubber vacuum cap to cap the end of the hard line to stop any drips. Next, it was time to remove the brake line from the caliper. This post that you're looking at is mostly just an overview of the work that I did on my 4Runner. thanks, I wonder if this setup will be able to fit a 16in FN wheel I am planning to run. In that thread is a link to a couple other threads with loads of information. The 4Runner hub fits the Tundra rotor. In other words, the rotor surface would have to be constantly regenerating a film that is not quite stable for a long time. First, locate the bracket that holds the brake line to the spindle. Big brakes provide big stopping power, better heat dissipation, and an increase in the braking system's life expectancy. I am replacing my hubs, bearings, spindles, CVs, etc. http://www.toyota-4runner.org/3rd-gen-t4rs/94923-hard-find-specs-info-measurements-231mm-13wl-tundra-calipers-rotors.html Even with utilizing engine braking by using lower gears, you still have to use the brakes, and on a long descent, your brakes are going to heat up and have a lack in performance and increased stopping distance. As far as stepping on the brake pedal - I never had a problem stopping once with Tacoma brakes, it was the prolonged braking that I was after. Install, drive, and smile. If it is below the full line, add fluid to the full line. Classifieds - Engine/Transmission/Transfer Case, BJ42 | FJ43 | BJ44 | FJ45 | FJ45LV | HJ47, North American Clubhouses - Central Region, CA.AB- Rocky Mountain Land Cruiser Association, CO/WY- Horsetooth 4 Wheelers Cruiser Club, TX- Lone Star Land Cruisers - Austin Chapter, TX- The White Trash of the Elwood Chapter, CA.BC- Okanagan-Similkameen Land Cruisers, NV- Battle Born Cruisers of Northern Nevada, Vendors: Accessories - Electronics - Recovery, 3rd Gen FAQ, Tutorials, & Documentation Reference v2 - Toyota 4Runner Forum - Largest 4Runner Forum, '01 Tundra Brakes installed on '98 Gen 3 4Runner - YotaTech Forums, Tundra Brake Upgrade - PC'd my Calipers High Gloss Red - YotaTech Forums. No matter, swaps on. Montero Sport; Toyota 4Runner, FJ Cruiser, Sequoia, Tacoma, Tundra; FRONT $30.80 Cam Pulley Holder Camshaft Pulley Holding Tool Fit for Nissan Toyota Camry OHC Maximas V6 $16.98 Username or . Hold the caliper in place and mark on the dust shield where it interferes with the caliper. Using a 10mm flare nut wrench, install the hard line into the Tundra caliper. Hi Ben, the important thing to get are 13WL castings. After readjusting my e-brake yesterday I've realized how much travel there is in the brakes. Do it until there is no air coming out, and then bleed at least 3-5 more cycles. This is my next upgrade but was spinning in research trying to figure out if I needed to run the smaller rotor size that some suggest with tundra upgrade. If it happens that my wheels don't fit, I'll just install the 199mm. Never any clearance issues. Definitely the place to go for the 4Runner Stainless Brake Lines for Tundra Brake Upgrade. You can also scrounge the boards on SoCalTundra or Yotatech or countless other Toyota-only Web sites, or search a junkyard for wrecked Tundras and Sequioas (admittedly, a grand adventure in its own right). Using a 10mm flare nut wrench, loosen but do not disconnect, the connection between the hard and soft brake lines at the frame. I have the set-up, but I'm in Wilmongton. If you have ABS, remove it from the spindle bracket by pushing the clip out of the bracket. Any difference when stepping on the brake pedal? Slide the pad/shim assembly into the caliper, next to the rotor. Once finger tight, use a 10mm flare nut wrench to tighten securely, but do not over tighten the flare nut. It will work but from previous experience the 4Runner operates better when you flip it around. Check the brake fluid level in the reservoir under the hood. Jack up the front of the truck using a floor jack and place a jack stand under each side of frame, just behind the front wheel well. After subjecting these brakes to over 15,000 miles of use in all four seasons (temps ranging from -25F to +118F) through snow, ice, slush, misting and torrential rain, mud and dust on most every road surface available, including concrete, asphalt, gravel, cinder, dirt . Available with Gray, Red, or Blue stainless steel lines. A big brake kit is going to give you a larger braking system (large 350-370x34mm rotors, 6-piston calipers vs. 4-piston calipers, and larger pads), a better braking pad/rotor compound, and so much more. As I think I mentioned, I've never seen a 3rd gen 4Runner for 1st gen Tacoma that had a separate bracket for the caliper, so I while I can picture what you're talking about, I have never seen it on a truck. Next, using a 10mm flare nut wrench, remove the hard line from the caliper. Click on the bell icon to get notified when new vids get uploaded.------------------Check out more vids here!https://www.youtube.com/hoodlm13b------------------Follow me on Instagram!https://www.instagram.com/hoodlm_pathh/?hl=en------------------Killer T-shirts! Hell, it could have been planned all along by Toyota, or parts were used across truck lines to save costs. Perhaps obviously, the job is mostly a bunch of removal of parts, and then a bunch of installation of those same parts - or rather, installation of replacement parts. I was finally able to confirm my rims will clean the 231mm tundra brakes. By all means, I'd love to know what you find out. Who makes good replacement brake shoes? Theres a bracket that holds the calipers to the wheel assembly, its separate from the caliper itself. If your brake fluid is old, it could need replacing/flushing. Thanks. Of course, once you have the bolts removed, just pull that caliper off and keep it oriented so any brake fluid it contains doesn't spill all over your pants. The right one is a 4 piston, and left a single piston. Well damn. Did you grease the pins and shims? The rotors are wider by 8mm or so. 100 Series (1998-2006) 200 . They will be the brake upgrade our new Tundra gets as soon as it needs brakes Bgdv1, Jan 6, 2020 #5. This will eliminate green fade.. Can you clarify the Napa eclipse part #s? This means that it takes more pedal travel to fill that caliper with brake fluid, thus applyting the brakes. Will the 231s fit with a set of 16 Moto Metal 8 spokes? I can ship to Canada, but it's not cheap (sorry!). 2000 4Runner Limited upgraded with Power Stop KC2324 brake kit. I already got the 231's. jQuery('#' + elementId).toggle('slow'); 2004 Tacoma AC Limited TRD 2020 Tacoma TRD OR DC SB. If you do go this route, you still need the Tacoma-to-Tundra Hard Brake Line Upgrade Kit (or for a 4Runner, the 4Runner Front Stainless Steel Brake Lines), some DOT4 brake fluid, and 3M brake cleaner. Note: alternatively, if you want to buy a kit that contains rotors, calipers, and pads, you can purchase one from either Callahan or Power Stop. Remove the rubber vacuum cap from the hard brake line at the frame and finger tighten the flare nut into the stainless steel soft line attached to the frame bracket. $ 86.79. In this video I show you how I performed Toyota Tundra disc brake upgrade on my 3rd gen Toyota 4Runner. Say "again," to your helper so they know they can stop holding the brakes. I just did this upgrade on my 3rd Gen Hilux Surf. Once I'd done that, it was a simple matter of installing the spring clamps to hold them in place and then using the flare nut wrench to re-attach the hard brake line to the caliper and the 12mm socket to reattach the brake line bracket to the spindle. There's already 2 brake rotor sizes for the 3rd gen 4Runners and as I have the limited I have the bigger wheels and brakes on from the factory. Quick and easy install. Having purchased OEM pads and shims, that means I first needed to assemble them, which is easy. I just did the upgrade and the new brakes are great, your brakeline kit worked perfect. Pedal will get hard but if u keep holding it will just goes further down. I've heard stainless brake lines makes it even better. Am I missing something. Joined: Aug 7, 2018 Member: #6644 In there, you'll see where the brake lines come in. Ask me why. Rest assured though, those are the part numbers for what you're looking for. $ 173.58. Also, a lot of Napa's (out west at least) no longer carry (or ship) the Eclipse line, but the Adaptive One are just fine too! The difference in caliper sizes dinky 4Runner and 231mm Tundra is crystal despite the Tundra unit being up front. As for whether you need the new lines or not - when you do the Tundra upgrade, you're introducing a caliper (13WL or 13WE) with more internal volume than the stock calipers. The 199 was deemed insufficient to suitably slow the early Tundras (prone to fade and warpage sound familiar?). Guess I can try it out and if not see if someone on the T4R forum wants them. I'm just wanting to get all the parts needed to get the job done in one day so I can go back to work the following day without worrying my truck will be down. (verified owner) January 6, 2023. Proceed to the next step. !https://www.zazzle.com/store/crossfitoftheozarks------------------Facebook!https://www.facebook.com/bryanhoodofficial/------------------Blog Site!https://www.hoodlm.org The calipers should come with them, so you should be able to reach out to the place of purchase and they should either give you some springs or replace the calipers/box with a box that isn't missing the springs. Check out the link in my signature below about the 231mm brakes. Any of the following will work just fine and are all generally remanufactured by Cardone: or 13WL calipers from another parts store. The easiest part - of course - is putting on the new rotor. Using a 12mm socket, remove the single bolt so that the line is free to move. Using an angle grinder, dremel, hack saw, or other cutting tool, remove the material necessary for the caliper to clear. I thought that the 'only' Tundra upgrade for 3rd gens used the early, pre-recall calipers, but it sounds like people are using later Tundra bits for this. Well, I looked at the time anyway. Burn off volatiles and moisture from the resin that is near pad surface. My account of pedal difference with 231's installed was minimum. Nope - the new calipers should come with new springs. Identifying gen-one Tundra calipers: the 199 has S13WE stamped on it, while the 231 wears 13WL. The Tundra rotor didnt change post-recall and is the same diameter as on a 4Runner, but the Tundra rotor is at least 5mm thicker than the 4Runners. The components won't be quite as high quality as the OEM components listed above, but many people go this route to save a bit of money. I did this upgrade myself a couple years ago and looking back, it should've been the very first upgrade on my 2000 T4R. I just need to know if the 02 bracket will work with the 04-05 tundra caliper. I've never had any problem removing these, but some people report that they rust into place. Did they start to go soft at some point (if so, what point). I am looking into installing the tundra rotors but I have seen a lot of people having the same issue as you. Not too shabby for an old guy. The blue tint tells you the rotor has reached break-in temperature and the gray film is pad material starting to transfer onto the rotor face. what is wrong with katie on heartland,

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